"After the wishes have been granted one owner, those in possession of the sacred curio ritually endow it to another family member,
or, barring this, ritually “abandon” it at a crossroads or gravesite where others may find and adopt it."

"For the new owner, the cycle of luck begins anew."

Hi, I have just made my third wish on my Monkey and Cock statue and am looking to pass this on to someone as the tradition holds. Legend has it that the day you receive the Monkey and Cock it becomes it's birthday. On that day you make a substantial wish, something real and genuine and from the heart. During the year your wish come true. On your Monkey and Cock's birthday next year,  you are allowed another wish, this time you are allowed to have a little more fun with your wish. And finally on it's final birthday with you make a wish then you must pass it on. Well being the non-conventional person that I am, I am looking for the right soul to pass on my companion of 3 years to.

"And there is only one warning associated with keeping the Sacred Monkey and Cock: it must be set free on its third birthday or all that you have gained or wished for will be lost. This is the single cosmic rule associated with the curio, but it is a powerful one so it is wise not to disobey it!"

Please Email me at if you are interested in receiving this monkey and cock voodoo statue. When the time is right, I will select from all the emails sent to me and send it to the right person. If I choose you I will notify you by email and get your address for shipping. If you wish to include why I should pass this Monkey and Cock statue to you, that is fine but I will not guarentee that it will affect the decision making process. Although, I can't see where it would hurt.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Monkey and Cock Voodoo statue. Please visit The House of Voodoo, this is where they sell the statues direct from Bianca, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. I also will be buying my new one from there.

Anna B. Colvin





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